Ride and Stride - This Year 2022

All documentation to enter the Ride and Stride is at this link:

Ride and Stride is the sponsored event in aid of the Staffordshire Historic Churches Trust.

On the second Saturday of September every year, all over England, cyclists and walkers (and drivers) are sponsored to visit churches; and churches open between 10am and 6pm to receive them. Half the money raised is returned to your church to use how you wish; the other half is given in grants to churches of all denominations towards the cost of repairs and maintenance. Ride and Stride is the principal source of income for SHCT.

Ride and Stride day is also the best time in the year to visit churches and find them open throughout the day.

  • You and your church can get involved by sending out sponsored riders and striders, and by welcoming visitors to your church.

  • If you are not a member of a church (but still care about the buildings) you are very welcome to take part.  Please contact the county organiser - details below.

  • Ride and Stride Day is Saturday 10th September between 10am and 6pm (or as long as you can manage)

  • A provisional list of churches taking part will be available by mid-July; final list in mid-August; late comers will be published on the website.  Most churches will be open and manned to welcome visitors.  Sometimes this isn't possible and the church will be opened and not manned.

  • Please let me know if you would like to organise a group walk or cycle ride in your area.

  • A trophy will be presented to the cyclist or walker who visits most churches

  • We have leaflets about the work of the Trust; if you could make good use of some (but not to gather dust at the back of a church!) please indicate on the registration form (up to a limit of 10)

  • For more information please contact the Staffordshire county organiser,

Email: John Wallbridge.

Address: 171 Newhampton Road West Wolverhampton WV6 0RP

Saturday was the best day ever, and I’ve been involved with R and S for 30 years. Thank you for your part in it all.

My first Ride & Stride day was an absolute joy. 

I decided to drive because I wanted to combine the event with seeing

round a number of churches I’d never been into before, and going by car was the most efficient way to do that. In the end, the welcomers at each church were so charming and so willing to talk about their churches that I must have spent 40 minutes at each!
At virtually each place I visited there was a high level of organisation, which was pleasantly impressive – and sometimes there was even a gift of a free orange cordial! In a way, the R&S event – for me – was an Open Day of Staffordshire churches. It seems I could have visited fifty open churches if I’d had the time. In future years, I believe
even more of us might well approach the event in that light.

mark stewart

Draycott in the Moor

All documentation to enter the Ride and Stride is at this link:


Highlights from previous years..

Ride and Stride 2020

Green 1928 Austin 7 - Sarah Elsome (Hamstall Ridware) and Migo Wood (Salt)

Red 1929 Austin 7 Lucy Leigh (Hamstall Ridware and Sunny Eades (Mavesyn Ridware)

24 churches visited!

Bill Basford (left) and Paul Birch (r) from Gnosall Methodist.


Quote from Bill, ‘A good ride on a good day with good company for a good cause.’

44 miles and 18 churches.