Ride and Stride - 2023

Ride and Stride is the sponsored event in aid of the Staffordshire Historic Churches Trust.

On the second Saturday of September every year, all over England, cyclists and walkers (and drivers) are sponsored to visit churches; and churches open between 10am and 6pm to receive them. Half the money raised is returned to your church to use how you wish; the other half is given in grants to churches of all denominations towards the cost of repairs and maintenance. Ride and Stride is one of the principal source of income for SHCT.

This year our Ride and Stride organiser, along with his wife Janice, visited 14 churches - from Acton Trussel to Aston by Stone.  He included Werrington which has just had a grant from the Trust for repairs to the bell turret.

John would love to hear from someone who might be prepared to takeover the Ride and Stride organisation.  Details can be given by emailing:


The churches visited are shown in photos below and also in a leaflet about Ride and Stride which can be accessed here.

We also had a report from one of our supporters, who sent in this:

It was another beautiful day for the 2023 Ride & Stride, which just made it all the more special.
I like to make R&S an occasion to go deep into the county’s countryside and have a full day touring the more remote village churches, of which there are quite a few... Going ‘off-grid’ like that, for a city boy like me, is almost like travelling back in time, and, in the case of the churches themselves, it really is time-travel of course.


The churches’ custodians make any visit special. They usually have all the local lore about the building at their fingertips and are happy to talk about it, and even show one quite obscure things. Many thanks especially to the two ladies at Bednall, where what looked like a standard church was revealed as full of secrets.


Also, some churches now, rather cleverly, combine Ride & Stride with a community open day. After all, if one if going to open the church all day, why not also invite in the neighbours to look round, and put on, say, cakes and a book-sale? It’s a worthwhile idea. That’s what they did at Lapley for instance; and, at Salt, they even had a fete on the church-green (but I think that might have been coincidental!).


Another terrific day. Thanks to John Wallbridge for organising it; his efforts do not go unnoticed.

And one of the churches taking part sent in these photos showing what can be done on the Saturday with local helpers!

And here are John and Janice's photos of their epic journey


    • Additional comments                                  

    1. 1.  We have two trophies now: one presented to the cyclist and the second to a walker who visits most churches on the day between 10am and 6pm.

    2. 2.  The churches count towards your total only if they are officially taking part in Ride and Stride i.e. they are on the Staffordshire published list.

    3. 3. We must be able to verify that you have visited the number of churches you claim. This will be done principally through your sponsor form.

    4. 4. You must be sponsored by at least five people.

    5. 5. In the event of a tie the winner will be decided firstly by the number of sponsors, secondly, the amount of money raised, thirdly the age of the participant (oldest wins).

    6. 6. Your sponsor form must be returned by January 31st.

    7. 7.  The presentation will be at at church tour in 2023.

    8. 8.  You cannot win the trophy in two successive years.

    9. Please let me know if you would like to organise a group walk or cycle ride in your area.

  • For more information please contact the Staffordshire county organiser,

Email: John Wallbridge.

Address: 171 Newhampton Road West Wolverhampton WV6 0RP