The Ride and Stride sponsored event takes place on the second Saturday in September every year in most  English
counties. It is now the Trust’s principal source of income. Cyclists and walkers are sponsored to go out and visit churches – and now you can go by public transport or car if riding and striding is too strenuous.

Most of the churches are open from 10am to 6pm and there will be someone there to welcome you and offer refreshments. Some  churches cannot man the church all day. A few are only able to put the signing-in register in the porch or on the door. 
140 churches of all denominations took part last year in  Staffordshire – we would love to increase that number. 
People find it is a wonderful day of fellowship – both for the cyclists and walkers and the folk who open up their churches to receive them. Some churches send out a group of walkers or cyclists and enjoy a picnic together during the day.
Half the money raised by cyclists and walkers is returned to their own church.
If you like visiting churches this is the best day in the whole year (apart from Sundays and Holy Days) to find churches open. A list of churches taking part this year is on the ‘Ride and Stride 2017’ page

To take part in the event as a church please use this form R&S-registration-and-order-form-2017
If you are not a member of a church you can still take part; download the sponsorship form, no need to register.
  The provisional list of churches will be available by late June; the final list in late August; latecomers on the website.

           Click to download any materials you need 

   1R&S final list 2017
           R&S poster 2017
         R&S sponsor form for cyclists,walkers inside 2017
         R&S sponsor form for cyclists,walkers outside 2017
         R&S sponsor form for welcomers inside 2017
         R&S sponsor form for welcomers outside 2017
         R&S payment letter 2017
         R&S safe cycling rules 2017
        R&S suggested item for newsletters 2017
        R&S register of visitors 2017

              R&S map of Lichfield
              R&S map of Wolverhampton (centre and west)
              R&S map of Stafford (inner)

                                   via Elford, Edingale, Harlaston and Haunton
                                   Please meet at Whittington St Giles at 10am
                                   Approx. timings along the way
                                              Elford 12noon
                                              Edingale 1pm
                                              Harlaston 2pm
                                              Haunton 3pm
                                              Clifton Campville 4pm
                      Refreshments will be provided at churches along the way but you should also bring a packed lunch
                      Transport will be provided back to Whittington
                      No need to book, just turn up
                      Please download a sponsor form from the list above
                      If you would like a poster to advertise this walk please click heremease valley poster

Eric Henderson of Gnosall receives the Ride and Stride trophy for visiting the greatest number of churches by a cyclist or walker in 2016. Canon Roger Williams of SHCT makes the presentation at Calton church, together with Eric’s fellow cyclist, Rob McIntosh

  1. The trophy (a handsome plate) is presented to the cyclist or walker who visits most churches on the day between 10am and 6pm.
  2. The churches count towards your total only if they are officially taking part in Ride and Stride i.e. they are on the Staffordshire published list.
  3. We must be able to verify that you have visited the number of churches you claim. This will be done principally through your sponsor form.
  4. You must be sponsored by at least five people.
  5. In the event of a tie the winner will be decided firstly by the number of sponsors, secondly the amount of money raised, thirdly the age of the participant (oldest wins).
  6. Your sponsor form must be returned by January 31st.
  7. The presentation will be at the SHCT AGM .
  8. You cannot win the trophy in two successive years.
  9. Motorised transport can be used only to get to the start of your walk/ride and to go home from the endpoint.

       Abbots Bromley St Nicholas    Abbots Bromley St Nicholas     Kingstone St John   Kingstone St John the Baptist     Rugeley St Augustine       Rugeley St Augustine       Himley St Michael and All Saints    Himley St Michael and All Angels     Stafford St Bertelin        Stafford St Bertelin        Elford St Peter              Elford St Peter